Worldwide fears are triggered by the outbreak of the Coronavirus

Chinese and Asian residents in different countries of the world are being viewed with suspicion following the outbreak of the Coronavirus, according to AFP.

According to the report, some incidents are giving the impression that Chinese or Asian people are strangers or belonging to the world. That is why events are happening on the basis of racism.

At a Gold Coast hospital in Australia, a local patient refused to shake hands with his Asian doctor. The doctor said the moment was nothing short of traumatic for him.

Dr. Reha Lee Yang mentioned the incident on Twitter. After which thousands of people retweeted it. Dr. Reha said that the Coronavirus has become a global cause for fear. In this case, the patient's response was normal.
Medical experts say the virus can transmit the virus to another person by coughing, sneezing or touching the affected person. The World Health Organization has also issued a guideline to avoid this.

According to the report, Chinese people or people from Asian countries are being viewed with suspicion around the world. Whether any of them were found in Wuhan or an affected person in the city known as the epicenter of the virus.

The news of Chinese tourists' presence in the Italian city of Venice also sparked chaos. Rumors have been spread over a family in the northern Italian city of Turin that has the Coronavirus.

It is also reported that mothers in Milan, Italy, have urged mothers to keep children away from their Chinese classmates. A white man makes a video on the parking lot of a shopping mall in Canada, telling a Canadian-born Chinese woman that you throw the Coronavirus here.

A signature campaign has been launched in Malaysia. Which calls for Chinese citizens to be banned from Malaysia. 5 million people have signed this signature campaign in a week.

Medical experts say such events are leading to a lack of information. But it is dangerously fueling racism against Chinese and Asian people.

Dr. Rob Grenfell, who is stationed at the Australian Science and Research Agency, says it is related to human psychology. They mentioned the plague epidemic in Europe in the 14th century.

He said that historical references suggest that those responsible for the outbreak were blamed for foreigners or those who came for religious worship. They said that the source of the virus is indeed China. But targeting Chinese citizens on this basis is absolutely not right.

In an article written in a UK medical journal, Dr. Amar Kiran says such behavior can also be a source of discouragement for a person infected with the virus. He may not be aware of his disease because of fear.

The World Health Organization has urged countries not to impose unnecessary travel restrictions. Yet, different countries have imposed travel restrictions.

Chinese student Abi Shi, who is studying in Sydney, said the response of some of his class fellows is as if they want to attack Chinese students.
According to experts, this is a difficult situation. Even if the virus goes away, people will still be careful to keep in contact with Chinese restaurants, business centers or Chinese citizens.

Some experts also say that the flood of misinformation on social media has compounded the issue. For example, a video shows that eating noodles can be harmful to health.

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