Why Quit Smoking?

                          Why Quit Smoking?

If you have been smoking for a long time and now thinking what's good to stop smoking now what must have been bad must have happened to my body.Or maybe you try to quit cigarette but you can't because your body was addict of nicotine and then you forced to smoking again and again.So there are two things in this article.First thing is when you stop smoking what happen with your body and how long time takes your body to recover.And second thing how to survive after quit smoking.

      What Happens When You Stop Smoking And How To Survive 

FIrst thnig you try to do you can take 30 minutes after 1 cigarette then your body behhaviour change because when you smoke 1 cigarette then your blood pressure flactuate and the heat rate is also higher which causes your heart to be higher then normal.This is the reason of smoking peoples for weak heart and the rist of heart attack is also higher.

Your body takes around 30 minutes to restore its natural state after your last cigarette.After 12 hours of your last cigarette in your body nicotine and carbon monoxide was half.Carbon monoxide is gas which cause by cigarettes which is cause of stop flow of oxygen in your body.When carbon monoxide gas less then yor body seems normal oxygen.And after 24 hours of your last cigarette your heart would be very thankfull because it can normally breath.After 3 days of quit foods smell and flavour you can feel very well your lungs is clear and mucus is also decreasing.Ncotine is decreasing and you feel very tired,anxiety,headache etc.And this is the time to be strong when you survive these difficult time then you survive easily because of God the human body has the power to strenghten by itself.

After 2 weeks of quit your body feel energetic because of your lungs are better now.You've far less risk of heart attack now.After 1 year your lungs are strong and clear your immune system more strong.After 5 years of last cigarette your heart attack chances exactly same like who never smoke.You don't feel any cravings for more smoking at this stage.

Two Things For Quit Smoking

1.See a doctor

2.Strong Willpower 

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