Why life is so complicated during Quarantine?


Its scary to be alive when it seems like there is a new virus outbreak everywhere, we can't help but think what if virus got truly out of control? And what is life like for the unfortunate souls who are trembling because of this scary virus, got stuck in their homes and forced to live their lives without their loved ones.


Firstly we were scared of this corona but satisfied with our vacations because we supposed to end this virus affter a few days, but with the passage of time we realized that this is getting more complicated, with the passage of time we started to missing our friends, long drives with them, college routines (however we consider it was too boring, but now we started missing that routine), meeting new people everyday and having chats with them. Now we have been stuck in our homes and cannot get help from outside under any circumstances-well, with a few reasonable exceptions. We don't feel much better living in a bubble or being stuck in a room.

Our internal sense of living is difficult than we might think. Memories, emotions events, even when we are whether tired or hungry can effect how we perceive the passage of minutes and days.

                       Even people have reported a change sense of time period that observers and researchers have started to observe and research about it. To fight against this time we should keep ourselves busy and productive. We should develop a hobby that keeps us creative and busy. All we need to know the things in which we are interested.


For example many people have the hobby of gardening, reading books, repurposing clothes, playing different gamesand much more. We can't go outside, it doesn't mean that we are just locked in our homes, we are staying at our homes for our own safety. The life is complicated because we are thinking in that way. we should change our thinking the life would also be changed.

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Huzaifa Basheer - Aug 1, 2020, 6:55 PM - Add Reply

Such a great a vision on the current situations.....

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Iqra Israr - Aug 1, 2020, 7:07 PM - Add Reply

An inspiring article here !!!

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