What is SQ3R Method of Learning

SQ3R Method of Learning:

This method was first presented by a French Professor Robinson in 1940’s.This technique was also used by the US military men. It became so popular that soon it was adopted by educational institutes in many countries of the world. It is an easy way of remembering things over a longer period of time.It is worth for the students to prepare for the examination. Now let me explain what does SQ3R actually mean. In this method any lesson is learnt in the following sequence of phases:

S = Survey

Q = Questions

R = Read

R = Recite or Record

R = Review

Now let’s discuss each of them in detail.


When you are to study any lesson, first of all give a bird’s eye view to what the lesson is about. Read main headings, subheadings, any figure or table given in the lesson carefully in order to get an overview of the lesson. Try to do this more than once, so now you are mentally prepared to what you are going to study.


After survey, keeping in mind the headings and subheadings of the lesson, just think what possible questions can be asked from this lesson. Most of the time, text books contain question exercises at the end of each lesson. You can also consult these exercises.


After that start reading the lesson attentively, keeping in mind the questions you found before. While reading, try to find the answers to these questions. Underline and highlight the important things e.g. the answers to the questions you found. Don’t spend much time on this. Just give the lesson a careful read.

Recite \ Record:

After reading and underlining the important points (i.e. answers to your questions), now it is time for you to put this information into your long term memory. You can use any of the methods you are used to learn it by heart.


After learning the lesson, it is important to revise it within a period of 24 hours. It is observed that our brain retains more than 80% of a revised lesson after a period of a month. To revise a learnt lesson after a week is also observed to have surprising results in remembering the things over longer period of time. You can use any of the techniques for revision such as short notes, flow charts, mind maps etc.

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