Top 6 types of people.

1.Intelligent people.


There are many types of people live in this world and everyone thinks about change and everyone thinks about making his mark in this world. Some people are very intelligent. These people are the basic people of this world. I must say that no person is unintelligent but some works hard tries hard and those are called basic intelligent peoples. 




Some of persons around us are very much thinkers and some are only thinkers, you might have seen the people around you who analyzes everything and looks everything and makes a point of his view around everything. Those people talks about just everything because they have a point of view in it.


 3. Hardorking People.


Some people are very hard-working, they are not so much intelligent but they works with their best possible.They are also one of the very best persons in this world because one who works hard can never get unsuccessful.


4.Lazy people.


Some people around us are so lazy they don't even want to move. They don't thinks about anything and never gets tensed. They don't know the environment around them and this is the worst type of people.


5.Empty people.


Some type of people are empty because they are literally empty from inside they don't want to think they don't want to do anything they just want pass this life. This type of people are same as lazy people because in both case the person don't want to do anything but they want to do nothing. 


6.Strict people.


Another type of people that i dislikes the most are strict people. They just are so strict and so much formal people. They want rule and regulations in every single matter of life. I know this is a good practice but we should not be so strict we should be a little funny and laughing. Strict people are those who never forgives even a little mistake.

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