Starting with no.5: ORA-X: You may have seen many headphones but none like that, because its worlds first headphone with a display, now can listen to the songs as well as watch them, not only this, it also has artificial intelligence system installed in it, now you don't need cell phone or table. While walking/running/sleeping you want to watch videos,play games and much more without disturbance than it is best for you. With AR display it has an amazing focusing camera on its front panel through which you can do photography and control it by its touch panel it also has augmented sensor for a better quality of images. For the best quality of music, it has 50mm speakers.By using it you can also see your social media notifications. When you will see anything from its display it will automatically tell you everything about that thing.It also has GPS! Amazing!

No.4: SEVENHUGS SMARTPHONE REMOTE: As our father controls our house, and no can say any thing to papa as they have full control on us just like that this remote can also control everything.You can control 650,000 devices with it.It is good to have digital things in house,but for them we have many remotes i.e for light,for AC,for TV,for Fan,for Gaming,for Kitchen and many more... we have smart remotes for all appliances.Instead all so many remotes have the worlds best remote which provides you touch pad feature.When you put it in front of any appliance it automatically pairs with it. Amazing ! 

No.3: NIMB SMART RING: You may have tried to call someone with your smartphone in emergency but because of network or any other issue you may have wasted your important time,your smart is not usable in all problems.Just by touching one button,this ring will send emergency notification to all of your friends with only touching one finger you can call your friend to your help.This ring looks very cool and nice and comes in many designs and colors. Without a battery, it can work minimum of 1 hour and when battery is low it tells you by its red led and you can charge it easily by putting it in its pot. Smart !

No.2: REMARKABLE E INK WRITER : Through our childhood, we have to carry the burden of Notebooks and we say in mind that all of the burden of the world is on my shoulders : ).But now you dont have to carry these notebooks. Just have the Kine Master's Remarkable E Ink Writer. Like a high quality of paper, you can also write anything on it with its pen.It features all lot of templates,chose one ,it will be ready for you to write.You can also make sketches on it.All your writings can be saved and deleted in it.You can also do direct writing by connecting it to your smartphone or computer. Money+Paper Resources Saving! 

No.1: POISE THE SMARTWATCH: You may have seen many smartwatches but none like that it is the only smartwatch with Detachable Communicator, which means that can remove its device from watch and can put it in-ear to listen to call or songs,it gives you deep sleep feature+GPS, you can use it while going to office it is a new type of fashion.It has a pedometer which tells how many steps have you taken in full-day and how many calories have you burnt.It also has a Heartbeat sensor.It is Lifetime waterproof.It has 150 hours of lon lasting battery life.It is easy to charge anywhere. Wow, Amazing! 

                                                                             Writer: M.Abdur-Rehman 


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