Top 3 Best Korean Dramas November 2019

Top 3 Best Korean Dramas October 2019

In mid-2019 it was decorated with the best Korean drama with fantasy genres, historical themes, thriller psychology and romantic drama. Intrigued by the list? Here is a list of the best Korean films, complete with a synopsis of the latest Korean drama, which aired on October 2019.

1. Vagabond


Vagabond |

Cast: Lee Seung Gi and Bae Suzy

Release date: SBS, September 20, 2019

Aired: Friday and Saturday

This latest Korean drama is one of the most favorite dramas in 2019. It is played by Lee Seung-ki and Bae Suzy in one scene. The Korean drama (Drakor) Vagabond also stars Shn Sung-rok.

This drama tells of a stuntman named Cha Dal-gun (Lee Seung-gi) who wants to uncover the conspiracy behind the plane crash. Dal-gun is assisted by Go Hae-ri (Bae Suzy), an intelligence agent who will reveal the true story.

Intrigued by the sequel? Watch this Vagabond Dr K, yeah!

2. Miss Lee


Miss Lee |

Cast: Kim Sang Kyung, Hyeri

Release date: tvN, September 25, 2019

Aired: Wednesday and Thursday

Hyeri, one of the K-pop personnel "Girls Day" was cast in the drama as Lee Seon-shim. This Korean comedy drama tells of Lee Seon-shim (Hyeri) who is working hard to start a business from zero. His colleague called him "Miss Lee".

When the company where he works will go bankrupt, Miss Lee was appointed as CEO of the company. He is guided by Kim Sang-Kyung who plays Yoo Ji-Wook in this K Drama film. Intrigued by the sequel? Watch this latest drakor on Wednesday and Thursday!

3. Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life


Love is Beautiful, Life is Wonderful |

Cast: Seol In-Ah, Kim Jae-Young

Release date: KBS2, September 28, 2019

Live: Saturday and Sunday

This romantic Korean drama is played by beautiful actress Seol In-Ah as Kim Cheong-A and Kim Jae-Young as Koo Joon-Hwi.

Here's a synopsis of the Korean drama Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life.

This Korean drama tells the story of four young men who seek the meaning of love and happiness. They come from a variety of different characters and backgrounds.

First, Kim Sul Ah who is a career woman. He has focused on his career and does not want to waste time to undergo a love relationship that will eventually end too.

Next is Moon Tae Rang, a very talented young chef. He always gives encouragement to people around who have ideals like him.

Then there's Kim Chung Ah, a woman who is tired of the hope of being able to date and get married. Finally, Goo Joon Hwi, a man who is not interested in a relationship such as marriage or the like that is related to other people.

How do these four humans look for the meaning of love and happiness?


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