Top 10 Pakistani Foods.



1. Biryani.


The first and the most liked food in Pakistan is Biryani (Rice with chicken in it). I love this recipe too. Biryani is the most likely food in Pakistan.


2. Fried Fish.


Another most delicious 😋😋👌 and most liked food in Pakistan is the fried fish and this delicious dish is mostly used in Sindh Province of Pakistan. Fried Fish i also likes the most that's why i have listed it at the top.😉


3. Dry Friuts.


Another very good food taken in Pakistan is dry fruits these dry fruits are used in all over Pakistan but the mostly used province is KPK. Dry fruits are taken as part of food aside not basically a food. But i like them very much and if you are a Pakistani you would like them too.


4. Dal haleem.


Dal haleem (These are basically beans,pottage or a type of lentils that are fried and mixed up to make up a paste) is mostly widely liked and used all over Pakistan. It is another very delicious dish. I must say that if you will ever taste it you will say wow.. must.


5. Halwa Puri.


Halwa Puri is a very delicious dish and mostly used in Pakistan's Province Punjab. Halwa Puri is not most widely used in Pakistan but it is very delicious dish. 


6. Chicken Sajji.


There are too many dishes used in Pakistan with chicken. But chicken sajji(A complete roasted chicken without making its pieces) one of the best in them. Chicken sajji is used in all over the Pakistan and most likely one.


7. Chicken Karaii.


Chicken karaii( A chicken dish made in a frying pan ) is the most liked dish in Pakistan and very delicious dish too. Chicken karaii is also used all over Pakistan and everyone would like it who will taste this dish i guarantee. Chicken karaii tastes very nice.


8. Malaii Boti.


Another very tasty and delicious dish is the malaii boti( A fried chicken piece with white coloured surface). Malaii boti is also used in all over Pakistan.


9. Beef Qeema.


Qeema( A fully merged beef dish as a size of sugar and fried in a pan) is very tasty beef dish and mostly liked in all over the country.


10. Cham cham.


Cham cham (A type of sweet also called Laddu in Pakistan) is a sweet dish and a very tasty sweet dish used in Pakistan and very delicious sweet it is. 



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