09 most expensive animals in the world:

My friends you might have many animals weather in the zoo or open.Some of them are very cute and some of them are very dagorous.But in this article we will discuss 09 most expensive animals in the world.

05:Ayam Cemani:


Ayam Cemani is a very unique chicken specie.We all eat eat chickens but eating this chicken is not possible for every one.This black chicken the most unique chicken specie in the world and is only found in Indonesia.It is black not only from out side but is also black from inside and even its eggs are also black.It is almost ten times stronger than a normal chicken.In America and other countries its price is almost 3.5lakh Rs.

04:Arowana Dragon Fish:


Arowana Dragon Fish is one of the oldest fish in the world.It is very expensive.One Arowana Dragon Fish costs almost 25 lakh Rs.Its trade is very limited.For buying this fish a chip is placed in the body of the fish.The details of owner and pet name of fish is written in the chip.Without this chip we cannot buy this fish.



Argali is the biggest sheep kind of the world.Its horns are almost 190 centimeter long.It is illegal to hunt it all over the world.Due to this reason its value in black market is very high.This animal is pet of very few people because its trade is also illegal.In black market it costs almost more than 100 lakh Rs.It is so valuable that even its horns cost more than 7 lakh Rs.


02:White lion:


White lion is a very rare specie of cat family.Before 1900 it was an imagination but it was discovered in 1975.White lions are about to vanish from the earth.Only 300 white lions are remaining in the whole world.

One white lion costs almost more than 140 lakh Rs.

01:Arab Horse:


Most beautiful and most valuable horses are found in Arab countries.Arab horses are known for their speed and power.Because of their beauty they are also used in movies.The most expensive horse of Arab is padron and its cost is almost 11 million dollars(almost more than 155 crore Rs).

These were top 05 most expensive animals of the world.



















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