Tips to cope with Anxiety/Panic episodes

If you're reading this, I take it that ninety percent of you guys suffer or have suffered from severe cases of anxiety or stress. Buckle up fellas, because you're at the right place. 


Are you ever in a distressing situation and you realise the sentiment of your heart beating quicker than normal? When you feel your hands getting sweat-soaked and all of a sudden you start feeling nauseuos?

That's anxiety — our body's natural reaction to stress. 

There are many things that can trigger your anxiety.
It might be an upcoming event you're supposed to attend, you first day at a new school, a job interview, or even something as small as a family gathering (trust me they can be awful).

Sometimes, with some people, this God awful feeling only stays for a short while and after some time, you get over it and start feeling like yourself again. While on the other hand, with some people, like me, this anxiety can really do a number on you. 

You lose your appetite — in fact, forcing yourself to eat anything might end up making you feel even more nauseous and resultantly, you're in the bathroom puking your guts out. Your stomach starts hurting and there is this uneasy feeling in the pit of your stomach that just wouldn't go away.

Here are some tips that might help you deal with this uneasy feeling:

  • Breathing:

Now this might sound really typical. You must be thinking that just breathing does not help and I wholeheartedly agree with you. But while you're in this panicked state, the best thing you can do for your body at that time is breathe.
Hold on to your left nostril and try breathing from the other and vice versa. Practice this for a few minutes and solely focus on the breathing part. 

  • Diverting your thoughts: 

Now for some people, this might be really difficult to do because let's just face it, you are anxious because of that one thing and your stupid brain just wouldn't stop thinking about it. 
But try to do some activity that might help you divert your mind from all the negative thoughts. The activity doesn't have to be extreme. Hell, even if you lay on your bed watching a TV show or reading a novel, it might help. 

  • Meditating/Practicing Yoga:

For people like me, this can be such a chore and trust me, in all honesty I feel you right now. But it's highly suggested for you to choose a queit place to relax and question your though pattern. Even if you're not interested in doing yoga, you can still sit in solitude and give time to your thoughts.
Just for a few seconds, think that is the stuff you're panicking over really worth it? Give your mind a few seconds to register the haunting thoughts and try to make your peace with them. I mean it couldn't be that bad, could it? 
It might take you some practice to do successful mindful meditation, but for people dealing with long term anxiety issues, regular meditation would surely be effective as it trains the brain into dismissing all the negative thoughts that might make you anxious. 

  • Taking well balanced diet:

Eating in this state, can be horrible, trust me I know. But you have got to make yourself stronger if you really want to cope with all this.
Do not take greasy and heavy meals. If you have the nauseating feeling, I'd suggest you take light meals that are easier for your body to digest. As the fight or flight response of your body to deal with the anxious state inhibits digestion for a while, taking heavy meals might result in vomiting which can be horrible. So, try taking something that is easily digestible.


I hope all these methods worked for you, if not, I'd suggest you reach out to a therapist if you're having severe anxiety issues and they're disrupting the balance in your life.

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Aeipathist - Sep 14, 2020, 6:12 PM - Add Reply

Wow.....such a helpful and informative article.....👍🏻👍🏻

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Aeipathist - Sep 14, 2020, 6:13 PM - Add Reply

This article can be very helpful for the people that are new to these sentiments.....good job @Bad Karma

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Bad Karma - Sep 14, 2020, 6:35 PM - Add Reply

Thank you so much!

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Mushtaq Ahmed - Sep 14, 2020, 7:36 PM - Add Reply

Wow Nice Work

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Bad Karma - Sep 14, 2020, 8:54 PM - Add Reply

Thanks a lot

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