Those three days of wedding!

Those three days of wedding! 

As we assume, what are the three days of wedding? Is it kind of wedding planning or is it a wedding astravagan. Well I'm so happy to share a beautiful funtastic wedding, we all know it's a huge change for a girl and a boy turned to a beautiful life as spouses, where they have an amazing experience for life time to share their bondings, their feelings, their fears and most of all their love for each other. Well it all begins with prayers and good wishes. 

         So, the day was finally here, for which we waited for a long time. Well as being excited, We got ready in a really fun way, funnily speaking I'm quite a slow worker it definitely doesn't means that when I get ready for somewhere its not lazy it's relaxin and hardworking. So, I firstly got my sister-in-law to get makeup done and I did it with whole heartily. Then I got it done on me and we were pretty late though, after all we women need so much to do to look pretty good. Well, We finally went to a beautiful Henna ceremony and it was alot of fun.We danced and rejoiced every single moment, people were dressed in superb dresses in amazing colors all were like spring festivals. Bride and groom were beautifully dresses in sharp shining colors as its felt like a splash of perfection among beautiful souls. So, all of traditional ceremony and fun food really made us tired and happy. We came back home and was very excited for the next.

the next big day because it's time for wedding bells to come out of our hearts. We were really looking forward for a day gap but who knows it's a fun day for us. This day I was ordered to be on myself to be first to have got ready hahhaha! I exclaimed in excitement that today its just me to be on time. So I got up my dress but wedding without wordrobe malfunction is not completed after all, so I usually got chubby like a pro because after postpartum of my child I gained lots of weight so my dress didn't fit and I have to carry another dress but I was so sad to see I can't match my makeup but let's be a contrast of choices. So we went by to the big day and reached on time, as there lots of people there and we met new people for a reason and fun begins. Bride and groom were brought by their family's with super roar of sparkling crackers besides them people gathered around to have just a glimpse of bride and groom. The beautiful bride was dressed in breathtaking red dress filled with so much laces, sequins and bedazzled.

Gosh! She looked like a fairy princess on her big day and groom was like a handsome man wearing sherwani for taking his princess to pride. They all looked like a dream fariytale and she went with him saying good bye to her family for her whole life with this man, she will ever love and cherish for him. And then finally the next day of reception and we were all ready to say welcome to this newly wed couple,there was so much rush and crowd of so many relatives to just see the glimpse of bride and Groom because every day is like a popup dream wedding. This day we all got ready in light embroidery dresses and also very nice and light colors which made us feel fresh and happy. We were so much happy and enjoyed every bit of it, it was a good bye to such an enormous festive time because this time only comes once in every one's life. We cherished it, celebrated it and more though we prayed for them to have best to come in their lives and we returned to our same old routine and lives. We will miss such envious happiness! 

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