The Untold History Of Pornography

 I think pornography is a No.1 thing that is distracting our young generation. Most writers avoid writing about topics like this. In my opinion, every young man and girl should have to know that it is our open enemy. Here I am telling you about the history of porn movies. It'll help you to know what was the vision of the inventor of porn.


         It was the beginning of the 12th century when all the powers of Europe conquer Palestine (FALASTEEN) which was the first qibla of Muslims. In the middle of the 12th century, a Muslim leader whose name was Sultan Salah-ud-Din Ayubi decided to conquer Palestine. So, he became the Governor of Egypt from where he started to make plans to conquer Palestine.

In 1170A.D he became successful to conquer many forts near Palestine. Muslims were spreading like fire in the jungle. It seems impossible for Europeans to defeat Muslims. 

Sultan used to say:

           ''If you want to destroy a nation spread nudity and alcohol in the young generation of that nation''.

The Europeans used the same thing. They spread nudity and alcohol in Muslims. How? European kings held a meeting in Palestine on how to defeat Muslims. There was a commander whose name was Herman. He was also the leader of intelligence. He suggested that ''if we send some nude drawings to Egypt to destroy the mind of Muslims we can defeat them''. Every person in the meeting appreciated Herman's suggestion.

On the next day, Herman called painters and artists from Germany and Italy. They draw many nude drawings and all the drawings were sent to Egypt. From here the sequence of pornography started.

Then, after the 1900A.D it spread to the whole world. The invention of the camera was a revolution in field of pornography. Now, everyone has access to this bad work. It is not only destroying but the whole world has been destroyed by it.


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