The filthy education system of Pakistan




ducation is the process of learning, preparing today for the future. Today all human progress in economically or whatever is based on education. It is very essential for the future of a country, just like a waist of the country, it is the best say” Learn more if you want to earn more”.

According to the Islam, Allah said in Quran “It is compulsory to get knowledge for man and woman” and another surah” Those who know or not cannot be equal”. I think Islam is the one religion which urged on that point so much as our great leader Hazrat Mohammad (S.A.W.W) once said“ Seek the knowledge whether you have to travel to the China”. As we know there were a lot of uneducated people on that time. On the battle of “Uhad”. The rivals which were captured was said that they will get free if each of them will teach 10 children.

Now every country is tried to improve its education system like England, Finland and other European countries except Pakistan and India. Pakistan’s education system is the worst education system in the worldwide. According to the report of United Nation, Pakistan’s education system is 50 years backward than the world’s current education system. Education is considered as a profitable Business in Pakistan. And so sad the government of Pakistan is not taking any action on it. Day by day, new private schools are opening not to provide quality education but for the benefit. In government schools there students are devoid from fans, blackboards e.t.c. That is the state of government schools, and in private schools there is everything boards, chairs, except education. Pakistan’s education is unable to educate students with practical skills. Rather they read books and pass exams. In this modern world teaching is considered the special field. Teachers are given a special training to teach students in better and friendly way. But in Pakistan inexperience teachers that don’t know how to teach are teaching in private school.

In my school, there is a lot of twister teachers, not interesting in teaching but for money. And whenever I questioned about the topic they teach, don’t answered me correctly and tried get rid from me. There is a mathematician teacher. Who always mistake and when I tell him the mistake he did. He be turned pale and always tried to made correct himself. There when a student ask a question, they flak on him. In my school there were teach Computer Science in theorical way. Is this possible to understand Computer Science only in theirical way? There the teacher who is teaching Science is don’t know about the Science.

The great scientist Albert Einstein once said” school is just like a jail where no one is free”. He said” Everybody is the genius but if you judge a fish by his ability to climb on the tree, she will live her whole life believing that she is stupid” he said that the whole school mafia is a big froad  teaching a fish to climb on the tree, and monkey to swim.


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