The Best Trick for Time Management

Today's world just offers us a life of competitions and challenges. Everybody is in hurry for accomplishing his daily life chores. Many people face the problem of shortage of time. The main reason for this is that most people can't manage their time in accordance with their tasks.

This issue can only be resolved by proper planning and time management. Here is the best time management plan for accomplishing the whole day's tasks beautifully. Try to prioritize your daily tasks in accordance with the following sequence.

1 . Urgent and Important

First of all , Give those tasks priority which are important and urgent to you. For example:

• Any assignment which you have to complete within due date.

• Any urgent crisis

• Exam preparation etc.

2 . Important but not urgent

These are important but are not urgent and you can do them at any time. For example:

• Tasks without any due date

• Giving time to your family

• Meeting friends and relatives

• Taking rest and entertainment etc.

3 . Urgent but Unimportant

These are the tasks which you are to do urgently but these are not important. For example:

• Phone calls

• some reports to read

• Any other sudden interfere in your work

4 . Unimportant and not Urgent

These tasks are not important for your daily life. These are the real time suckers in your life. For example:

• Social media

• Unnecessary phone calls

• Gossiping with friends

• Video games etc.

Try to avoid giving time to last two categories of tasks. Time is like a handful of sand from which the sand keep slipping every time. In the  same way,  time passes in our life and we can not stop it. 

Time is like a piece of ice which keeps melting . Those who use this piece of ice in time , get benefit out of it . On the other hand , those who do not take care of the passing time are always in loss.

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