Starting of Pakistan Super League ( PSL )

First question is (What is PSL)?

The Psl is afranchise based Twenty (20) competition organised by pakistan cricket board and approved by International cricket council. It is meant to be athree week tournament  schduled for February 2016 and will feature  five teams from Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Peshawar and Quetta. 

Second question is ( Who was given idea about it)?

The idea of paistan own's T20 league emerged during the regime of Dr. Nasim Ashraf , who served as chairman of the PCB between 2007 and 2008 . The league was inspired from the now defunt ICL , and the successful IPL .

Next Question

What was the confusion about Qatar and UAE hosting the PSL?

Finding acountry to host the PSL remained a pain for PCB as until this August , Pakistan was without a venue. The entire project nearly crumbled after the UAE was taken by another party , who planned on hosting the Master Champions league in the same dates as the PSL.

The PCB then esplored Qatar as an alternative venue , but once again, it was not straight forward business. Qatar has just one stadium , which is not up to international standards , and lacks basic facilites for players . The PCB though reluctantly entered  into a new deal with Qatar Olympics Association to host the league in the country . However their hearts still set on UAE as the venue , the PCB later locked horns with the Emirates  Cricket Board to work out a deal for the UAE to accommodate both the MCL and PSL.

In September, the PCB pulled out from Qatar , ditching them to sign a new deal with the ECB , who offered a solution to manage both the leagues simultaneously in three  venues in the country. the PCB's preference for UAE was because the country had anyway been hosting pakistan's international matches for many years.

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