Remembrance Of Youthfulness

When the Nature was being created Allah Made a new creature Named as Human . Human's Body was created by the rock which was collected from this Earth . The World's First person was named as " Adam " . He had body of 90 feets . His Female was created by the left rib of his body . 

Since than the humans come here for a specific time and at the end of that time which Allah Almighty has Given to a particular human dies and all of his stored memories lost because of death of his brain cells . But we are talking about remembrance of Youthfulness here . 

All the mens spend life into 3 stages .

• Childhood



The above three stages pass separately through others  . Every stage has its own unhappiness and entertainment but the most amazing and remarkable stage is the middle one which is hard to pass over and hard to forget by our brains . Basically during this era the picking power of our brain increases and the emotions in body also grow at high rate than the normal . The memories with sadness could be removed by our brains as they continuously forced our brain to change the emotions of our body but the nature of our body is to live happily that's why these memories couldn't stay over than the limit in our brains .

On the other hand the part during this age spent happily and entertaining are unforgettable Specially for the person who sleep more than the normal sleeping time a person should because our brain works to store the new memories when we are on the rest (Sleeping) . 

The moments passed over with the special persons and the persons which are close to our heart stay pinned to our memories . Whenever a person recall his mind or during a hard work the brain brings the memories forward which are spent with oir dears .In this creature the happiness is the basic gaol which everything want  . Just like an atom everything wants stability  so humanity also wants happiness.

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