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Just to make the face look fresh, makeup or facial, etc. is not enough. It is important to take full care of your physical health. There is a direct connection. Therefore, while many efforts are made to look good, the daily routine should also be reviewed. Not only can beauty be considered by taking a few things into consideration, but it can also help in maintaining physical health. A vitamin rich diet Nutritionists say that frequent vitamins should be used in the diet.

Vitamins can also be used as a daily supplement. Vitamins should be included in the diet Various vitamins help to keep skin, nails and hair healthy. Vitamin B, for example, helps to keep skin and hair healthy, Vitamin B strengthens nails by keeping greasy skin balanced. C helps to increase the amount of oxygen in the skin. Vitamins D, EF are also essential for physical health. Vitamins found in fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, pulses and various nutrients not only make healthy but also The skin itself, through the enhancement of the appearance of the hair and the strength of the nails, in good shape. Increase the use of fresh vegetables and seasonal fruits in the diet Fruits and vegetables contain phytochemicals, which are not obtained from supplements. These phytochemicals help to reduce the amount of cholesterol in the body and excrete excessive substances. I also help, which makes the body feel energized and young.

Drink at least eight glasses of water daily The best way to keep the skin and body healthy is to use excessive water. Water helps to excrete excessive substances from the body and brighten the skin, but indirect use of coffee, soda, caffeine and tea. And causes dehydration inside the skin. Use of unsaturated grease Grease is essential for the body and skin, but the ingredients from which it is obtained should not exceed the amount of cholesterol, ie, the use of animal grease or saturated fat.

Instead use unsaturated grease that is obtained from plants such as olive oil, corn oil, sunflower oil or bunula oil daily. The grease obtained from these sources makes the hair soft and glowing to the skin. Yes, they lower the amount of cholesterol, so the body needs fat without increasing the weight. Workout Daily lightweight exercises or activities increase blood circulation and help keep oxygen in the blood, which helps keep the body healthy and fit.

Exercising 20 minutes a day at least three days a week is beneficial. Arrange for sun protection Sunlight's ultraviolet rays are harmful to the skin and hair. To protect the skin from shades, wrinkles and sores, use a lactation cream or a standard sunblock before sunbathing. The head hair should be covered with a scarf and a sunglasses should be placed on the eyes so that the hair and eyes are protected from the effects of sunshine. Go. Complete sleep A good night's sleep plays a key role in waking up.

Lack of sleep makes the skin less prone to it. It causes the skin to look dull and irregular, and circles around the eyes, swelling on the eyelids, which affects the freshness of the face. I also get a headache and sometimes the viewer thinks of the tear gasoline. Smile and enjoy life Shock the worries out of mind. Avoid unhappy moments and failures of the past and calmly plan for the future positively. Spend time with friends and family.

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