Planets information

1-Planet Earth:-

Plant earth,also called Terra,is the fifth in size.The surface temperature varies between -50 degree centigrade and 50 degree centigrade.It is the only inhabited planet in the solar system.The earth takes 365 days and 6 hours to rotate around the sun.The earth has only one natural satellites,the Moon,and around 1500 artificial satellites used to colled and send important data for agriculture , meteorology , telecommmunication.

2-Planet Mars:-

Mars is also called the Red planet ,because of the reddish color given by it's rich iron content.Mars has the latest volcano in our solar system . A day on mars lasts about 24 hours and 30 minutes , and a year has 684 days.

Like Earth , the poles of ,ars have ice.

3-Planet Neptune:-

Neptune was initially discovered through mathematical calculation , but it was first observed in 1846.

Neptune has the greatest storms . Here , the wind can reach speeds of about 2000 km/hour , bieng the strongest wind in the solar system . A year on planet neptune lasts 165 Earth years , and a day lasts about 16 hours.

4-Planet Venus:-

Venus is the brightest planet seen from the earth . It is also called " The morning star ". Venus is the hottest place in the solar system , after the sun , with a surface temperature of about 500 degree centigrade. This planet is different from others because here the sun rises from the west and sets in the east . Venus has about the same size as earth . A earth on Venus has about the same size almost 117 days on earth.

5-Planet Mercury:-

Mercury is the closest planet to the sun. A day on mercury lasts the eguivalent to 58 days on earth. Mercury rotates around the sun in approximately 88 days. This planet is heavily bombarded by meteorites - pieces of celestial bodies.

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