Many of Us Do not Know The Wonderful Facts about India

1. 5000 years old, Varanasi is one of the oldest inhabited places in the world.


Established on the banks of the Ganga, the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, spoke in Parliament that the holy city of Banaras or Varanasi is 3 K years old. According to Hindu mythology, Lord Shiva discovered the city 5 K years ago.

2. A meteor created the Breathtaking Lonar Lake in Maharashtra.


Just a 4-hour drive from Aurangabad and one of Maharashtra's best quieter lakes, the lake fell by asteroid 52,000 years ago. Travel fans must not miss this cosmic wonderland and the sanctuaries that surround it.

3. Blocking of Anti Gravity Hills in Ladakh, Magnetic Hill.


Under the influence of gravity, it is the main attractive slope in India. Landmarked by a yellow notification, brightens the directions and asks you to place your vehicle on a non-partitioned apparatus, separated by white paint, which may surprise you as your vehicle moves in isolation.

4. Two cities on UNESCO World Heritage List


5. Most ‘Firsts’, India Invented Snakes and Ladders, Shampooing, Algebra, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!


Many articles and ideas have started in India, ranging from Snake and Ladder Game to Chess aka Chaturanga, Catching Shampoos, Number Pieces, Jewelry Mining, Zero, Variable Based Math, Trigonometry. Moon. Isn't this the intriguing fact about India right now?

6. Dal Lake in Srinagar is the only floating post office in the world


India is not famous for the most complex post offices on the planet, however, there is a kind of skimming post office in Dal Lake in Srinagar. Housed in a houseboat, as well as inside a philatelic exhibition hall. Seriously extraordinary realism about India, does it say that it is not?

7. Mawsynram is the hottest on Earth with rainfall of 11,873 mm per year


The town of Meghalaya, which holds the Guinness record for average annual rainfall, receives 11,873 millimeters of rain. Winters are spent in the region's longest half-year rainstorm.

8. Cows are the only country with a Bill of Rights


From the minute an Indian conceives, he has two mothers. One, the introduction to the mother of the world, the other two being gout. Cows have been agreed to bless the Hindu religion, and there are many decisions in the constitution that restrict the pact of slaughter and slaughter of cattle. Now, this is not a wonderful reality about India.

9. A voting polling booth has been set up for just one voter in Gujarat


India's favorite voter, Mahant Bharatdas, lives in a small village called Banej in the Gir Forest in Gujarat. Decibel is far from talking about the law-based spirit of the country, setting up a specific surveying stall for only one voter.

10. Shani Shingnapur is a village with no doors. Actually they don't Need it.


Drawing over 40,000 lovers every day due to the 300-year-old myth, this town in Maharashtra highlights the entrances and locksmiths. Lord Shani is believed to be the guardian of the town so that its inhabitants are adequately rested. Well, I wonder how they can avoid the rain…


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