Let's Defeat The Corona Virus Together

‏The corona virus is spreading rapidly at this time around the world. The world health organization has declared it a global threat. The world health organization is also concerned that we may not be able to control it.It may soon be termed a global pandemic.

81 countries around the world have been affected by the corona virus. The most affected countries are China Italy South Korea and iran .if we measure our parts work, it will soon spread over the planet if it reaches poorer countries like Africa, Bill Gates says it might kill a million people. These were the present conditions and the future. Now we come to this and look where we stand.

The virus spreads due to human error. The biggest responsibility at the moment is the media worldwide. The media must report positively at this time. To the general public, it is necessary to raise awareness of the virus .people need to be aware of it's symptoms and treatment. Everybody has to work on his own .We have to stop negative rumors on social media we have to be responsible we are brave people of this earth.

Although no cure for the corona virus has yet been discovered, It is hope that it's vaccine will be developed soon.At this point people have to take some steps. Wear a mask.Do your physically examination. Avoid going to crowds.keep hands on the mouth while sneezing. Use more water.Apply the tissue paper properly after use.Avoid shaking hands with people if you have the flu.

If we do small chunks of our part,we can beat the virus very quickly. As a human being we have to crest a sense of responsibility within our salves to defeat the corona virus. The corona virus is treatable with a little caution and doing our part,We can defeat him completely. Let's start the fight against the corona virus Make your world safer trying to defeat the virus.

Let's Get Started

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Taimur Hassan - Apr 1, 2020, 9:47 PM - Add Reply

You are genious bro

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