Last wishes of Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson had wishes that he wanted to came true before his death but alas many of them didn't came true. These are the wishes that Michael Jackson wanted to came true:

  1. Before This is it tour Michael Jackson didn't have much money.  He was earning like a millionaire but also he was spending like a billionaire. Sometimes he didn't have enough money to pay the rent of the hotel and even his bodyguards didn't even got paid for months. The only way for him to get money was to go back on stage but he didn't wanted to go back on stage. At last he worked with AEG company and got ready to do shows and these shows were gonna get him enough money so he could live comfortable. 
  2. Michael Jackson wanted This is it tour to be the greatest show of all time. Everyone knows that even the first show of This is it tour is going to be the greatest show of all time but alas he died before performing a single show. He worked so hard for this tour and he had sleepless nights because of ideas coming into his mind and worked so much hard but alas he died. 
  3. During This is it tour Michael Jackson taked to his key player Michael Braden that he wanted to take this tour to the whole world and wanted to perform in other countries. 
  4. Michael Jackson wanted to release a new album and also wanted to create a Thriller video. 
  5. Michael Jackson wanted his children to have better life and he himself wanted a better life but alas he was killed and may he rest in peace in heaven. 
  6. Michael Jackson wanted to open the world biggest hospital.


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Last wishes of Michael Jackson


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