ISLAM AND Coronavirus

Cirona and Islam

About 1400 years ago , where there was no any science mean we can say that people were unawared of diseases as now are it was said by our Prophet Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa saww (the last prophet of Allah) that some animals were unlawful (HARAM) such as cat,dog,donkey ,bat etc.

These above mentioned things are harmful for health .

This is now proved in the more than 30 countries of the world specially in China . One of the most harmful kind of virus named cirona is infecting in the world which is causing is a cureles virus which is grown up from Bat, cat,dog etc mean from those things which are called unlawful in Islam . This virus also causes fever,cough, flue and gives alot of pain .

About 600 people have lost their lives due to cirona and ... hundred people are infected in China .

This is a blasting silent message for those who don't understand the reality،status, benefit of Islam .

In this world every one says Islam is not a good religion ,they connect terrirsom with itThere is no any religion who tells the lessons of Welfare ,a good helath,a good lifestyle, good manners of living  also good manners of eating.

Every thing which is said Unlawful that means there is some thing wrong in that thing .Now this depends upon the mind of understanding peoples of the all countries.

 No double  Muslims are the luckiest nation of the world but they themselves have lost their dignity .

Now In my views these things must be banned as they are the harmful for whole the life humans as well as other animat and birds 

So now this is a time to  obey the onenes of Allah Alrighty.


It shows clearly that Islam is the religion of peace,harmony , welfare,


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M ALI - Feb 8, 2020, 6:24 PM - Add Reply

Nice . absolutely right

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Muhammad kashif - Feb 9, 2020, 12:27 PM - Add Reply

very good bahi

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