India and china Relations international news

India and China Relations

Some important information about india and China.

  • China
  • China is the world most populous country with more then population of 1.5 billion.
  • China is the world one of the most richest country 
  • China is the world most trading country 
  • China is the neighbour country of india
  • China economy is one of the most powerful economy.
  • China is an atomic country 


  • India
  • India is the world second most populous country 
  • India is the world most poor country because people are not rich.
  • India has the world's largest democracy 
  • India is.the neighbour of china.
  • India economy is one of the largest economy.
  • India is an atomic country

War of 1962 between india and China 

A big war held between these two countries because of ladakh.

China claims that ladakh is part of China and India claims that ladakh is part of India.


Latest situation on border of China and India line of actual control  (LAC)


The situation was critical during Last month when clash between these two forces at LAC

More then 40 soldiers of India were die.

And china media silence about the death of Chinese soldiers.

So after death of Indian soldiers. Indian people were very angry and they boycott Chinese products.



Article 370

The main reason of clash on borders is article 370.

Because the rajya sabha the assembly of india Change the status of Kashmir and ladakh.

But the Kashmir people and ladakh people were not accepting it.

They want independent state.


American ships and aircraft fighters in south China sea

The situation were critical after the American aircrafts and fighters seeing in the south China sea to help india but Chinese government were control this problem with foreign policy without involving any country in problem between india and China.

The sources said world war will held soon between India China and America.






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