Importance of Physics in our Life

Introduction to Physics :

Physics is a branch of science that studies the interactions between matter, energy and there.


The importance of physics in everyday life:

The rapid development of science has become possible due to new discoveries and inventions in the field of physics. The technology involves the application of scientific principles. Most of the technology in the present era is related to physic.

There is hardly any device used in our daily life that does not involve physics.

Electricity is a great feat of physics which is not only used to obtain light and heat but also is a source of mechanical energy from which electric fans and motors operate.

Transformers such as car airplane home appliances refrigerator vacuum cleaner washing machine and micro oven work on the principles of physics.

Sources of communication such as radio, TV, telephone and computer has come into being as a result, the application of physics. These tools have made our life easier, faster and more comfortable.


Mobile phones are also a great invention of physics. With a mobile phone, we can connect with people anywhere in the world. Get the latest information. This allows the images to be drawn. Send message to your friends. Can receive their messages. It can listen to radio broadcasts and can also be used as a calculator.


Disadvantages of Physics:

However, sometimes due to negligence, scientific inventions can be dangerous and even catastrophic. One of them is environmental pollution, and the other is a destructive weapon.

There are five branches of physics that are listed.

1, Atomic Physics.

2, Geophysics.

3, Mechanics.

4, Nuclear Physics.

5, Plasma physics.

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