Impact of dramalogy in our society!

Impact of dramalogy in our society!

As we speak of dramas there's alot of good vibes about it but sometimes bad ones too. We are not against any authority, class, colour, caste or culture. I'm, Just linking my thoughts to the point of all the things happening right now, I just want to make sure we understand both sides of situations in our lives which are dramatic in both entertainment and reality in daily life. So, I'm not talking about only real life dramas but also reel life dramas because we just love gossips and all of it had great impact on our lives,no matter from where they are! We are living in such a moderate and ambitious environment,where drama is a usual act of our lives constitutions, "if I may say that" I mean, I'm talking about every type of drama eg.a Wedding without drama isn't enough for a marriage, drama in every day's life, drama in media, sociol dramas for brutal entertainment,drama as our own creations in our daily lifestyle etc. Our society is changing day by day but who knows who's changing it after all? Well! it's enough to say that our thoughts and mentalities are main reason for such things.The way we are representing ourselves to the world, this is the main reason for people like us to live in treason and dark. I believe, We are going so much beyond even more then our thoughts, that we couldn't control the impact of dramalogy in our lives, in our society, in our culture, well! It would be happening so fast because we needed to be more vicious than to be more realistic because our society is main aim of any writer to make stories of such envious behaviors of ours. 

       As I can tell about so much more of curiosity of gaining interest than to be more involved in Anything! I agree with fact that being promised of what we want is not easy to believe for what we get. It's different!

            So! We are not living in a fairy tale where everything will be just changed like a wink of an eye. Following up in such a fast search of knowledge, we lost our very own precision of recognization. Dramatic views of today's world and what's happening around town is way more different from reality.

     Talking more often about drama, we are entertained by stories fooling around us some are true but some jsut fiction, so each show has some different stories and we learn every trend, every style and last but not least some of the manners also. We are the reason for this society to change and build a new circumstance for all classes where some sucide to be like others but we have to bring up a challenge to our community through our drama culture because we follow more of media then reality. So,why don't we change up a bit and open our minds to see what's happening right now in reality but in drama. We can change everything if we change our minds to the future of freedom for everyone! 

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