If We Did Not Stop And Try

The changing weather conditions in the world. Glaciers melt rapidly, The rapid spread of the oceans. Increase the number of weather Strom's .Temperature rise and fall indiffrent countries.climate change has killed a large number of humans. Climate change has put the world at risk.humans have a big hand in destroying the environment.

The ozone layer is irreparably damaged. Forests in the world are declining very rapidly.Dangerous ultraviolet rays are reaching earth from the sun .Groundwater reserve's in various countries are rapidly decreasing.the underground water in Pakistan has come to a close .India and Pakistan are most effected by smog in winter Due to which life is paralyzed. The rapid spread of the sea has slowly started to over whelm Jakarta Indonesia.

If the destruction of the environment continues like this, we will soon reach the brink of complete destruction. World Temperature will start to rise .A large number of humans will be killed due to heatstroke and seasonal hardships. The sea will rise fast and drown our cities. Strom's and earthquakes will increase dangerously. World war begin on water issues. The introduction of ultraviolet rays to the ground will quickly increase the incidence of diseases. The winter season will paralyze human activities.

Now we have to do something practically. If we still don't stop we will lose everything. We must first grow more trees than we need.Every person in each country has to do his part smoke and pollution from the factories will have to be broken.We have to come out of apathy with our greed and cheapness. The future of our generations is getting dark we have to spread awareness about the environment. The war is over.now we have to digest the environment the future of our species must be digested protect environment

Let's start with your home 


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