How to setup domains on AdLinkFly - Monetized URL Shortener website

Basically, on Adlinkfly URL Shortener Website, we can use Three domain

  • Main Domain

The main Damian is we use for the Adlinkfly URL Shortener website and keep in mind that if you are purchasing hosting you must add the Adlinkfly URL Shortener website's main domain as Main Domain On your hosting.

  • Default Short URL Domain

The default Short URL Domain Is  we use For to Short URLs so it is only for short URLs (not for advertising company approval) 

  • Multi Domains

Multi-Domain we use for an advertising company's approval which we can change any time.

So to start a Fully working Adlinkfly URL Shortener Website you must have to 3 domains for your URL Shortener website,

To add Default Short URL Domain to Your Shortener website Just Goto Your Cpanel And add the Default Short URL Domain as an addon then goto Aliases and Add The Multi-Domain of your URLs shortener website, After adding  Default Short URL Domain and Multi Domains Goto Redirects then Redirect the Default Short URL Domain To Multi Domains Make sure to MarkWild Card Redirect click on add That's it.


Now is you want to change multi Domains Just add Your multi-domain in Aliases then go to redirects just change redirect the  Default Short URL Domain To Multi Domains



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