Scoring higher in college or universities does not need extra effort or a lot of pressure. It only requires a simple but efficient plan. Today in this Article I am going to share five important and very effective points with you.

1.   Objectives:

       From objective I mean to know and be sure about what you are learning and what it is about? Firstly find out what are the highlighted topics of a lesson.

For example: If you are doing integration lesson of mathematics, you should know what is integration?, Which formulas are require to solve questions?, What type of question are in this lesson?

This will make it clear for you what to do.

2.   Explore the best way:

       Title of this step may look confusing but it is the most important step. Every person in this world has its own ability or style to understand and memorise things but most of us do not aware of our hidden qualities.

I myself was not a great student until I came to know my hidden quality. When I explored myself I found that I have a very great listening power, which means whatever I hear it stores quickly and easily in my mind. I used to record my lessons on my phone and hear it again and again and I remember it this way. So this is very important to know about yourself whether you have a good listening power, writing power or maybe you have the ability to remember things by explaining it to anyone.

3.   Productive learning:

        What does productive learning means? It means score excellent with less hard work. This step is the second most important step of this article. What most of the students do is, they try very hard to remember and learn whole lesson and course but they could not get enough marks.

Productive learning is to focus on only major and important points within a topic or a lesson, so you can easily remember them, this is compressing a topic or a lesson. While in the exams you know the major points so you can easily extract them, can answer question in your own words. This will definitely help you maximizing your scoring in exams.

4.   Interaction:

        This step is not necessary but complimentary. Try to interact with your fellow students and share your thought and listen to them as well. Best thing is to group/combine study, this will boost your intellectual skills and enhance the personality.

5.   Confidence:

       Never lose your confidence. This is the last but not the least point of my writing. Be confident with your abilities and powers and what you are doing.

To Conclude:

       I hope these points will help you with your studies, it did for me and people I shared with. Kindly do give your feedback.

Thanks You.

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