How to make peace in the world

It is without the realm of doubt that the World is on the verge of bloodiest war which will engulf the entire globe in its intense ramifications. The major causes behind these unprecedented circumstances are the conflicting ideologies, interest pursuits and hegemonic power structure. In such insecure world system, it is imperative to draw-out the possible remedies to face these issues and yield sustainable peace endeavours. Thus, following measures will help to achive the world peace and development.

First, all the states should enhance thier trade links with each other and reduce tariifs. The ongoing US-China trade war is the case in point. The states should bring ease in the trade agreements, make peace in the maritime routes and secure the high-seas. Not only this, making World Trade Organization (WTO) effective to regulate and promote inter-trade relations among cordial nations would bring a potent change on the world stage regarding peace.

Second, there is a dire need on the global level to get unite for eradicating weapons of mass destruction (WMD). The states should come into agreement with each other to atleast halt the further development of these dangerous weapons if not eradication.

Third, granting the right of self-determination to states which are fighting for thier legal and natural right of independence. As the United Nations Organization (UNO) maintains that every state is equal despite its power and influnce, practicing this statute in letter and spirit and giving every state its right to practice equality and independence would surely yield the winds of hope to bring peace in the corridors of world stage.

Finally, a rules based international system is desired to promote peace. Under such system of governance, all the states should be obligated to follow the statues of international relations. This would bound the states not to wage war and interfare in the internal affairs of the independent natons. This ultimately, brings peace in world.

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