How to handle conflict?

Conflict is a disagreement between two or more people. When the opinions of two people don't match with each other. We cannot eliminate conflict from our life because it is inevitable. Thomas Kilmann's model is effective for resolving the conflict. There are five strategies are included which are given below


It is a power-oriented approach. It is a win or loss situation. Only one person achieves his goals and others cannot. It is short-term.

  • It is mostly applied in offices between employee and boss. When the boss gives orders to employees after taking the final decision due to his authority. 
  • In our homes, our father has authority then we will neglect our desires after his final decision.

2. Avoiding 

When we don't want to deal with conflict. Both parties cannot achieve their goals in this method. Sometimes, we don't want to waste our energy or time then this approach is effective.

  • It is applied when we don't want to deal with the next person and when the issue is minor.


When a person tried to fulfill the demands of another person and neglect his own demands.

  • It is mostly happening in our beloved relation. When we want to save our relationship then this approach can be beneficial.


It is a solution-oriented approach. When two parties are sitting together and suggests the solution to the problem. Both are interested in resolving the conflict. This method is only applied in those cases when both persons are ready to talk to each other. When the next person is not ready to talk with us then it is not applied. It is a win-win situation. It is long term.

  • It is mostly applied to business partners.

5. Compromising

It is a mixture of all other strategies. Least avoiding, least collaborating, least accommodating, and least competing are involved in it. It is applied when we are ready to compromise with another person and ready to fulfills some of his needs. We want to fulfill our needs and other's need also. It is a lose-lose situation.

  • It is applied between friends or group fellows in college and university.




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