How to get rid of bad breath ! bad smell of mouth

The cause of the odor in the mouth may be temporary or permanent. Temporary smell is due to the foods. Eating certain foods, such as onions and garlic etc., may cause occasional odor in the mouth which is due to when it is present in the blood. If the lungs breathe after breathing, the smell can be prevented by eating different foods.

The reason for the constant smell of the mouth is the accumulation of bacteria on the tongue. These bacteria grow more when our mouth is dry. You want to brush your brush on the tongue twice a day. Rub so that you can get rid of the bacteria. You need to keep your teeth clean.

Maximum water use
If your mouth is dry then it smells bad.

Brush up
Try to take special care of cleaning your teeth. Brush your teeth after each meal so that you do not stay overnight in your mouth and get rid of the smell.

The use of fruits
You should eat chewy fruits so that not only will the mouth work, but the teeth will be clean as well. Use carrots, apples, guava, pears, etc.
Low consumption of coffee and tea
The use of coffee and tea not only damages the teeth, but it also smells in the mouth.

Eat yogurt

Research has shown that eating yogurt eliminates the dangerous bacteria in the mouth. So you want to eat yogurt.

Avoid smoking

People who smoke cigarettes have an unpleasant odor on their mouth. If you use tobacco in any case, get rid of it immediately.

Use of medicines

There are some medications that can cause mouth to mouth problems. If you have ever used these medicines, do not worry and wait for a few days as well as use milk and yogurt. Will be resolved.

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