How to design best house plans

Every body in this modern human society need safe and beautiful place to live. Each person have thier own preferences and requirement in planning home which they live. Best designed house provide you physical as well as mental satifaction. House is a place where every be mentally good, these mental satisfaction is strongly related with the design of the house.

when you design a house keep in mind that you strongle review the plan, in plan you need to see that there is no dead end in your plan just like a place which have no need but accidently came in designer plan. you must keep in mind the green space, the green spaces like soul of the design. The best design is that when the there is front and backside green spaces because it provide you clean and fresh air from both side of the house.  keep in mind that windows directly open into the green space which provide you best view pf the nature.

Putting too much rooms are not neccassary instead of well planned and beautiful design, beacause some spaces are very important for house design such as green space and parking space. Check it that rooms which are close in relation are near one another such as you need to check that dinning room is easily accessible to kitchen, just like 1st floor stairs are easily accessible from the front door as well as dinning room is easily in range of guest room. keep in mind the future extension space if the house area is big than normal house, plan future extension space in advance.

If the house you design is small in area then you need to paint it with light colour, light colour give you sensation that the space is large instead or dark colours. colours are also used according to the space. There asre colours which are used in such spaces

  1. In washroom water color and purple colours are most suitable.
  2. For kitchen wood color or green color is suitable.
  3. For study room medium type of colours are used which are not too dark nor too light.
  4. In children room mostly people use bright colours which give you sense of action. 

So keep in mind these things when you are going to desing any house plan.

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