How To Deal With Negative People In Your Life


In your life, negative are people who against you, and their effects are also drastic. Survey has shown that negative people surrounding you weekend your immune system making you more prone to illness.

Now how to deal with them you just deal with them in a mature way. As we know they are a pessimist they never see the bright side of life .they complain a lot and they are real in conversation no matter what you say, they have a way of spinning thing in a negative direction.

Today I'm telling you how I deal with negative people rather than affected by their negative complement you use this five-step which usually follow in my daily life

Step 1: show empathy for them because I feel negative people are negative because they always surround by a negative, environment show your  positive environment to them by helping them and address their emotion

Step 2: ignore their negative comments for you because you know yourself and you never reach with their negative thought.

Step 3: compliments her to see a good thing in them because when you compliment, might possibly they reject your compliment, but inside he/she feels positive about it.

Step 4:do not debate with a negative person

Step5: Most important and useful which I also apply that avoids contact them as less you respond to negative people, the more peaceful your existence. And you feel a healthy lifestyle.

I cover all point in this step which I usually fellow in my life, as we all know the negative impact of people also affect our life so betters to deal with them in a positive way rather than adapt their negativity and must realize them life is so beautiful and wonderful if they avoid focusing negative thing in them a stop criticizing other.

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Mehmood - Jul 18, 2020, 8:20 AM - Add Reply

very nice

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Iram Tariq - Jul 31, 2020, 1:13 AM - Add Reply

Keep it up. Good work.❤️

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