How to check website genuinity

There are different websites that are used by many people but they don't know that the website they are using is genuine and is a fraud. I am also a victim of such types of websites, so that's why I decide to inform you, people, to be aware of such types of websites

Here are the different websites and signs to know the genuinely of the website.

First when you open a website then check the URL bar, in the URL bar on left side you see a sign in the start of the link. This sign shows the genuinely the website

  • Lock Secure:
  •                  It shows that the site is secure, you probably see it on Facebook and youtube and many other genuine sites
  • View site information Info or Not secure:
  •                  This shows that does not provide you information and your card numbers like Paypal etc.
  • Dangerous Not secure or Dangerous:
  •                   this type of website is completely dangerous for use so don't use such types of websites and do not provide your information.

Secondly, go and copy the link of your website and then open the website and paste the link there it will provide you that how much risky this website is. There they provide a bar that shows info about the site. Thirdly look at the URL if it starts with "https" instead of "HTTP" then URL start with "https" is genuine. Consult the GOOGLE SAFE BROWSING TRANSPARENCY REPORT, where you paste URL and they provide you the transparency report of the website.

In our society there are bad and good people good, people let people know to keep yourself away from bad people. when you use the site you need to consult through these ways. we need to expose these types of websites to keep people away from such type of not genuine sites.




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Muhammad kashif - Feb 18, 2020, 12:16 AM - Add Reply

ok good good thekh hy yeh website badi baat hy jazz cash ke sahlat hy

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Abdur Rehman - Feb 19, 2020, 6:01 AM - Add Reply

kash yeh website paise gar phunchane wali/dak ki sahulat rakhti,yar yeh paise deti b hai yah nhi

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Abbas - Feb 21, 2020, 8:49 AM - Add Reply

Nice article

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