How to Become an Effective Teacher


A Teacher is a great Leader

A teacher is a great leader and to build a successful institution it is essential that the teacher be given a leading role.

So the teacher should play the role of the best driver and take the car to a pleasant place.Reassure children of their ability and hard work.

An excellent teacher teaches passionately. He goes beyond the subject and gives life to thier children.

A good teacher give vision to his students and teaches them to become good leaders.

A good teacher is purposefully not meant to make money like a day laborer, but to give children vision.
Create a goal in your life to become a great teacher because it is important to give a goal. You also have a purpose. If you have a purpose in life, this awareness will also pass on to your children.

Remember life without purpose is the life of the animal so give the big dreams to the children and give them the power of dream interpretation (hard work) so impress them to believe in their hard work.An excellent teacher knows how to make a team. And is always a cooperative human being. So cooperate with the student so as not to humiliate them so that your child has respect and love for you and being born with respect for you means respect for your subject.

Everyone in the world wants to grow. And the basic formula for development is cooperation, that is, when you cooperate with others, you are not cooperating with others, but cooperating with yourself.

An excellent teacher is always a boon.when the teacher is good and kind, then crazy thoughts such as genocide, will never enter their minds.

A good teacher always has convincing power. his body language and expression are excellent. He is an expert in his craft and works as a sailor who knows how to run a boat.

The good teacher inspires his students to share their hopes and dreams with others. He will be empathetic to deprived kids and not put them in complex situations. He will encourage them to work on themselves and develop their personalities.

An excellent teacher focuses more on the future of his children than on himself

An effective teacher knows that a team works best together, so he transmits this consciousness to others. This enrichens not only different races but generation. Inspire their students to share their hope with others. Don't move kids in Deprivations.Work on yourself And develop your personality.Thus he will develop in them, a love for their homeland and a much broader view of tolerance and understanding.And teach to be a national rather than to teach linguistics, color race and sectarianism.

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