Habits of happy peoples!

 Happiness is a deep sense of ease and comfort.It is joy,and joy that isn't fueled by external motivators.

1.They Know Themselves.

 Happy people may enjoy other people,but they have also spent a considerable amount of time getting to know themselves. They know what makes them upset,and they know what brings them happiness.They know what they like and dislike.

Happy and successful people are tune with themselves.


 Happy people have learned the difference between guilt,shame and blame.They understand that the key to their happiness is being gentle and compassionate with themselves.They offer themselves the grace they would extend to a close friend.

 When they make mistakes they respond with compassion and grace.

3.They don't complain.

 Complaining itself is troubling as well as the attitude that precedes it complaining is a self-reinforcing behaviour.By constantly talking - and therefore thinking about how bad things are,you reaffirm yours negative beliefs.

4.They step out of their comfort zone.

 You can never grow if you do what you are comfortable doing.Moving out of your comfort zone makes you expand your limits,transforms you mentally and make you ace what you initially thought was impossible.This also implies the fact that they face their fears first thing in the morning.

5. They Help Others.

 One of the most rewarding activities is to help others.When you help others,you help yourself!

Happy people understand that giving is its reward.

6.Focus and standards.

 They focus on what they want and lean into the desire.

 They are inspired by their peers,but they hold themselves to standards that they create.

7.Unhappy people are pessimists and feel a lack of control over their lives,they tend to sit back and wait for life to happen to them.

Instead of setting goals,learning and improving themselves,they just keep plodding along,and they wonder why things never change.


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