Future Computers

Future Computers

The computer started its journey from Charles Babbage Machine which was invented in the 18th Century, but the time gradually passed, and the size of the computers folding to reduce and more reduce. Now, presently the computer at this time we are using called Micro Computers, that are generally put on the wooden tables, or designed computer table for usage with convenience. 

The Scientists are working and researching to manufacture a computer which could replace the existing Micro Computer Technology. The most significant thing in this direction is to reduce the size of the computer to the smaller size and in a easily carry in hand shape. 


Pen PCs

The future computers would be in a shape of like a writing pen, we will be able to use this computer in a easier way. This Pen Computers will be able to installed or put on the wooden table in a Pen Folder like mini device as flexible to us, and could also carry in our pocket. 

This Pen would cast rays on the wall or on curtain through laser and infrarred technology, this will give display of our input and keyboard on the desired place through rays, this definitely replace the existing Monitors, LCD, LED and other display devices and reduce it in one shape. These rays would cast images of dispaly in the formation of colorful lights.

On the other hand, the Pen Computer will also work as Virtual Keyboard and replace the existing keyboard, this keyboard will be based on the rays telecasted by Pen PC through infrarred. 

The Print out would also be available through rays transmitted by Pen PC to the direct Printer via Wireless Technology embeded in the Pen PC intrenal Chip Device. 

Hopefully, the time would come when the existing computers and its accessories like CPUs, Monitor, LCDs, LEDs will no longer be available and surely replaced by the Pen Computers or Pen PC Technology very soon. This would also be called "DIGITAL REVOLUTION"  in the Computers and Digital Market.

The days is not far away when we will visit a Museum and also find Micro Computers in the Shelf and will be wonder to see these things as sign of our past technology. 






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