content selection

content selection 

content is defiened as information to be learnet in school .

According to Derek Halpren:

content comes in any form (audio, video, text) and enlights, teaches and entertains people who consu,e it

criteria of content selection

1) self sufficiency:

the prime line principle for the content  selection is to help learner to attain maximun self sufficiency. it means less learning efforts and less teaching efforts in less ecomonical emvironment but with more results and effective learning outcoms.

this criterion means that student should e given a chance to experiment , observe, and do field stuy. this system allows them to learn indipendently. with this principle in mind i suggest  for high school curriculum , there should be one day independent learning activity each week.but should be carefully planned by teacher. students should present their outputs friom activity.

2) significance 

the subject metter or content is significant  if it is selected and organized for the development of learning activities skills processes and attitide. content should be meaningful and informative thaat can achive the ovrall aim of the curriculm.

3) valadity

valadity reffers to the authenticity of the subect metter or content you selected make sure that topics are not obsolete.for example dont put typewriting as a skill for college student  to be learned it should be about computer or IT only.

4) interest 

this criterion is true to learner centered curriculu. students learns best if the subject amtter is meaningful to them. it become meaningful if they are interested but if ther curriculum is subject centered teacher has no choice but to finish the pacing schedule.

5) feasibility

it means full implementstion of subject matter.dont give them topic that is impossible to finish for them. but make sure student should learn in allowable time.

6) relevance to life 

selected content should be reletaed to real situations. learning experience must be relevance to learner real life situations in and out of school.

7) variety 

learning experience must be cater to rhe needs of different typeds of learner by providing different types of experiences.


curriculum as a field of study with its own method jas influenced by philosophy and history. curriculum developers need to help, improve ad desigh school practicies in harmonywith history of curriculm and philosophy of the school and cummnity.

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