We have been seeing for the last five decades that United States has considerable influence in South East Asia. 

But now things are changing.

The US aggressive stance towards iran alienated it from US the United States has put iran on such a wall that it has been forced to find another ally in this region. 

United States ended nuclear deal with iran and imposed sanctions ( under CATSA Act ) on Iran. Saying that no company and country in the world could trade with iran which deant a severe blow to its economy and brought it to the ground.

Because of these sections iran was in serious trouble and these reasons made it anti-Amarica 

China, which has been s silent spectator to all this has been the situation in its favour and has sided with iran  Iran which was not a kitten that everyone took with it. Thats why china playing its master stroke here 

China is $400 Billion dollars in Iran over the next 25 years. This is proof that iran has been in China's lap for the next 25 years 

Iran has been together for the next 25 years with China and will be ready to support it on every front ever if it was internal affairs or outside or Geopolitics iran is committed to support china china for next 25 years.

This chanies investment will great benefit iran the 400 Billion dollars includes rail project, see port project ,road project ,power project ,oil refineries and construction project and also includes military support military training and intelligence sharing e.t.c.

It's impect on India

This project is a huge blow to India. Now India is completely out of Iran. All investment that India made in chabahar port has paid off. And the gold in all of this is that iran has also takken out jackets from India to the railway project. Many of Indian investment in Iran has now sunk. India wanted to reach veer Central Asia through chabahar port which has now become a dream of his

It's impect on Pakistan.

The biggest benefit to Pakistan from this investment is that. Indian that wants to use chabahar port to counter Pakistan's Gwadar was totly out from Iran.

And India which was turning Iran against Pakistan may be now Iran comes closer to Pakistan with the help of China. And if will be a huge desaster for India. And it is the possibility of signing a deal of JF 17 Thunder fighter jets between Iran and Pakistan . Iran has already given its hint  

I just pray to Allah that this deal is signed and the relations between iran and china and Pakistan improved.

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