BS software engineering

The department of computer science and information technology offers for abs in software engineering program to fulfill the need of rapidly growing market of software department in camp country the BS is in software engineering degree well student with technical knowledge of the fundamental of computer system programming languages and the m mathematical foundations of algorithm and data structure that are required to establish really ability and safety in software the program in the department of professional skills and the technical area of software engineering that is the systematic application of analysis design and construction technologies for computer system and application

Assessment of study program

the students study program evolution mechanism is based on continuous assessment throughout by giving Assamese assignment online quiz credit Madrid discussion boards middle term and long term exams the midterm and final exams are conducted at which industry of Pakistan designed exam centers and usually account acid pachasi percent of the total marks of course

BSC computer science

BSC computer science program is a regular degree program that has been designed to a cube the student web required knowledge and skills which would help them to take a regular and list of their professional career so that they can on their living and sport their families 2

Note.candidates holding to air bachelor's degree will only be allowed to continue to work they are respective for RBS degree program at a later stage in life

Assessment of student programs

The student study program Revelation mechanism is based on continents assessment throughout Mr by given assignment on online quiz credit moderate discussion boards matter and 70000 the matter and seventh term exams are conducted at virtual University of Pakistan design exam center and usually count assi percent to purchasi percent marks of total marks of a course

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