Best ways to avoid exam stress for college students

With the exam season, comes the stress season. For many students, even thinking about exams gets a little stressful. Every other student has to experience stress along with exams without a doubt. However, the real question is how I should deal with it so it does not bring me down. Once you get that part figured out, you are in the safe zone. Following are the ways which might help you to overcome or reduce the stress.


As Henry Ford quotes, “If you think you can, you can. If you think you can’t-you’re right.” The rule is as simple as it gets. You need to believe in yourself. It’s not someone else’s job to motivate you and make you face the difficulties of life, which in this case is exams. Moreover, you should have confidence in yourself that you are a hardcore strong person and can do whatever I put my mind to. So, come on guys and ace your exams with “I can do it attitude”.

Take a break

Most of the students just lock themselves in their rooms with books stuck to their eyes for weeks just to achieve an alphabet on their grade sheet. Most of you will agree that you are just staring at the book not studying anything. That’s when you meet to put your books aside and take a much needed tiny break. Just get out of that room be creative, free and alive. Watch a movie, socialise, go for shopping or do whatever helps you to relax. Locking yourself up won’t help you in reducing stress.

Stop comparing yourself with others

Comparing yourself will never satisfy you and that’s just not for exams. It really is a rule to live by your life. When you compare yourself with the world,  you automatically feel conscious of your choices. Be your own inspiration. Understand that everyone is different and have their own way of learning, their own capabilities. You just need to give best from your side. Comparing will make you lose trust from your own capabilities and eventually, it will also effect your mental health and increase stress.

Be optimistic 

Being positive brings positive results. Have an accepting attitude towards everything. For example, if you fail it does not mean you will fail every time. Negativity makes you overlook your mistakes which will stop your growth. So, have a positive attitude towards everything and eventually it will reduce your stress.

Put your phone aside

When you study, you study. I am not trying to act like your mom here but trust me that’s the right way. It won’t let you to concentrate and eventually you will lose focus on your studies.

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