Best Scientific Tip For Study In Exam. 📝

When the exams come close people surrounding tell you how to study and they suggest you lot of study technique a few of them work and few may not. So you must follow scientific tips to improve your study skill.

Here is some useful scientific tip which actually works and helps you study faster.

Tip no 1:  Avoid study at night

It has scientifically proved lack of sleep or improper sleep which causes a lot of tiredness which reduces your physical ability and also low your brain functionality. So try to study at day time as much as possible. By proper sleep your mind also active.

Tip no 2: Take 5 to 8  minutes, break when you study 30 to 40 minutes.

Because repetitive sessions of study cause your brain to translate information into synapses so you would be able to remember things which you read.

Tip no 3: Make a list of the topic which you need to cover

After making a list of the topic underling the topic covered by you so would be able to check the topic which is needed to cover in time.

Tip no 4: Make a plan and keep a goal to cover the topic

Because if you cover one topic than you are able to cover another topic in a better way. which built your self-confidence and boost you to cover more goal.

Tip no 5: Teach a concept of the topic someone else

  Because it is scientifically proved that when you teach someone else your brain also teaches you and works more coherently manner.

Tip no 6: Make a study environment

Design a table and chair ergonomically arrange all thing which you need at study time and make sure your room have enough light.

Tip no 7:Practice the question related to your topic

Because more you practice more you get confident of the topic which your cover

Tip no 8: keep your phone away from you

Because continue updated the phone extremely distract your concentration. If the phone is needed than try to off notification, reduce the number of times you check your phones.

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Shahan Shahid - Jul 26, 2020, 12:52 PM - Add Reply

Thankyou! Benificial

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Anaya Rai - Jul 27, 2020, 5:09 PM - Add Reply

U welcome

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