Best Lunch Boxes for School Going Children

The foremost issue for majority of mother(s) is what to prepare for lunch boxes of school going children. As most of the children get bored due to same food stuff on each day. So, my idea to write this article is to tell you that should make a schedule on monthly basis instead of random selection of lunch on day to day basis. Following is the one month plan to prepare lunch boxes for school going children. This plan has been prepared after lot of hard work and discussion with diet consultants. So, you are requested to read the full article so that you can get benefit for better growth and mind development of your children.

Each Monday of a Month:

Since Monday is first day after weekend, so mothers can prepare some good foods on Sunday like Lasagna, pizza bread, patties, fruitcake and Brownese. These items can be rotated in a month to develop eating habit of child.

Each Tuesday of a Month:

On Tuesday, some flour items can be prepared like chicken/vegetable pasta, bread and jam, egg slices, club sandwich, pratha, chicken pakora etc.

Each Wednesday of a Month:

On Wednesday, some fruit items can be prepared like fruit chat, chana chat, fruit salad, Russian salad, fresh salad, beans salad, fruit jelly along with glass of fresh fruit juice and 4 to 5 dates.

Each Thursday of a Month:

On Thursday, some potato items can be prepared like fries, potato chips, sweet potato along with fresh seasonal fruits like apple, banana, mango, strawberries, watermelon etc.

Each Friday of a Month:

On Friday, some chicken items can be prepared like chicken burger, chicken nuggets, baked chicken, chicken rolls along with some nuts and seeds.

Please try this plan and give me your feedback. Thanks

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