A word without books

An lirsh novelist colm Toibin once recounted a  story about  observing a Cantonese man  sitting on  a  Kowloon  footpath  reading  a  book  . 

The  mans face  was  stern with concentration.,and  his  finger tracing the. Line  read  . At  times  the  man's  expression  would  be  disturbed in  frustration   at his  progress.  Finally  the  reader lookt  up  at the  sky  while  his  face  was   beaming  .it  dose not matter whether it  was  because  of  a  sudden joy  with  the  act of  reading or  revelation  from  what  was  written or  delight at  how  the  story  resolved.

the  point  is  that  he  was  in  possession  of  something  deliciously private -a  connection between  him  and  the  writer between  the  real  world  described upon  the  pages  .  There is  a  frequently  asked  questions : what  would the  word be like  without books  ??

the  very  question was  absarvb and depression. It  is  always  said  that  the  latest technology signals the  demise  of  the books decades ago it  was  thought that  the  radio would replace  books. This  far  has  persisted  through out  with the invention of  television and  internet.  But  scenes like that  OK  Cantonese man  reading the  book  negate  the  notion that  modern  advance  pose  a  threat to  reading  .books and  makes  us  deslove  into  the  completies of  life  .literature is  the  story  of  humans. It  is  the  record of  who  we are  where we  come  from and  where we  are  going  .books  maks us  travel at  large  .during our  journey  ,we  are  connected  with humanlity    We  identify  oursloves with the  characters we  meet  and  learn  whether we  love  loathe  fear  or  flatter. They helpus comepRehund our  felts and  aspirations. They  tell us  who  could  we  become  if  we  are  not  careful  . Reading  periodes the  deepest  connection  to  the  morals  that  makes  us  human  ,and  part  of  a  larger  society  .


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