I had heard a concept of global village in my child hood and got confused about its nature, population, socio economic culture norms and language. Now I as a part of its population, practically observed the existence of global village, in the shape of magical connectivity of the people over internet. 

With the revolution of information technology, and its continuous and frequent development, the whole world is interconnected over internet, because the internet is the medium of interaction between persons irrespective of geographic location, color, cast, and languages. So everybody in the whole world is now just a click away from each other and hence the concept of global village is understood to me. The language necessity also realized after being the Global village came in to existence. The new language is free from any restriction of grammar, tenses and other rules. The newly born language is being used as per its user needs.

 Here are the some examples

• GREAT                       GR8

• FOR YOU                    4U

• BE RIGHT BACK          BRB

• LOL                            LAUGH OUT LOUDLY

• A3                              ANYWHERE ANY TIME ANY PLACE

• B4                              BEFORE

• CU                              SEE YOU

• AND                   ANY DAY NOW

• ASL                             AGE, SEX, LOCATION

• BBL                            BE BACK LATER

 Hundreds of others as well, which are written, understood and accepted globally over internet communication. Hence the required information is available 24/7 on a single click, and even on the go.

People over internet are now exchanging their views, selling and purchasing their products, and also seeking their jobs over internet. Famous items of internet are different android apps, these apps has made our daily life easier and their users are getting addicted to. Apart from the facilities of internet communication, we have to face cyber criminals and culprits, in this virtual village that we have also in our real world. We have to use system securities and cyber tools to keep them away and to save us from the losses

 All that system and interconnectivity makes the entire world to form a global village.

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