7 Things That Are Secrets Of Happy Life

Here I have written 7 matters a good way to execute through you to be a successful person on existence.


           We must have goals in life. That is the essence of life. Your purpose in life should be the motive, why you wake up early every morning. What are your quick-term and what are your short term goals in life? Imagine how will your life look after 20 years.


          What do you think defines a man? Maturity is not in age but in responsibility. Some folks are forty and immature. There are many people in world who grow old but do not grow up. Your ability to understand responsibility makes you mature, not age makes you mature.


           Yes, it's ok to fail but it's not ok to give up. Most people are scared of failing they do not attempt to try anything. A man who has never failed in his life never learnt anything in his life. Do you remember when you were trying to walk as a baby?


           Many people say that they have no friends. I usually wonder how they live their lives. If you want to go fast in life go alone, but if you want to go far go with friends who have the same vision as you have. You need to be careful while choosing friends. Chose good friends and make a community.


           Never stop learning because life never stops teaching. You can learn from anything and anyone. Never be too proud to learn, keep learning. There is no end to education.


          Do not save after you have spent your all cash. Always try to save before spending. I know it a little bit difficult. When you have so many expenses and debt to take care of. But you have to just do this.


          Giving is a principle that is being taught in every religion.  If not all but only a few persons practice it. Maybe they think if they will give they will lack. But it is not true. There are many examples in today's world like Bill Gates.

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