5 Sweet Fruits that are Good for Diet


5 Sweet Fruits that are Good for Diet


The most popular way to lose weight is diet. But for the diet, surely people do not want to get used to it just because of the heavy program. Well for those of you who want to keep a healthy diet and eat sweet foods, fruit is the answer.

But, what fruit is the best for dieting? Here are five fruits that are sweet but suitable for you who are on a diet.

1. Apple

Apple is a fruit that is rich in benefits and nutrients contained in it. Apples contain carbohydrates and are rich in pactin (a type of fiber). Not only that, apples also contain flavonols called quercetin which in several studies have anti-cancer ingredients. Apples are also very good for people who are on a diet, because apples contain lots of fiber and enough water to help fill the stomach.

2. Bananas

Bananas are the right fruit for you who are on a diet. This fruit is rich in vitamin B6, where vitamin B6 functions to make serotonin in the brain that can relieve pain, suppress appetite, and relax the body. Not only rich in vitamin B6, bananas also contain lots of carbohydrates that can suppress appetite and are suitable for consumption as a snack delaying hunger.

3. Mango

This one fruit can not be doubted by its content and usefulness. This fruit contains a carotenoid called beta crytoxanthin, an antioxidant that can protect the body from several types of cancer, one of which is colon cancer. This fruit is rich in carotenoids, fiber and also vitamin C. If you are on a diet, there's no harm in eating mangoes, because you will get vitamins, minerals, and fiber in only one food.

4. Kiwi

Kiwifruit is a fruit that is still rarely consumed by Indonesians. But, actually this fruit contains so many benefits you know! This fruit is very rich in vitamin C. One kiwi alone can meet the needs of vitamin C for adults. The content of fiber and vitamin E in kiwifruit is more than bananas, both of which can help your body to resist hunger from morning to late afternoon.

5. Pineapple

Unlike the previous fruits which aim to delay hunger, pineapple actually aims to facilitate the body to digest food and facilitate bowel movements. The content of the bromelain enzyme has the ability to break down proteins. Pineapple can also maintain weight through the content of vitamin C and fiber which is quite a lot in this fruit. But the most important benefit of pineapple is smooth digestion.

Those are the five fruits that taste sweet but are suitable for dieting. Which food do you choose?

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