5 Distructive Diseases Of Cold Drinks That you Don't Know.

Cool drinks that we take almost every day have 7 spoons of sugar per glass. Can you eat 7 spoons of sugar? I think it will be difficult or impossible for you. But if you drink a glass of cola you eat many spoons of sugar every day. But we can not feel it. Why? Because the companies that make these harmful drinks use many chemicals and other flavors that reduce the taste of sugar and we continue to drink. But you can still feel this taste of sugar if the drink is free of gas. All of us drink a lot of colas every day. It has countless disadvantages. Drink companies do not want to aware of these disadvantages. You can understand the reason. But don't worry I am available for caring for you.i have written 5 harmful diseases that occur as a result of drinking soft drinks and colas. 


                Cancer is a disease that occurs when any cell of our body gets wound and becomes turgid. Drinks contribute a lot in making cancerous cells and tissues. How? Drinks encourage the deposit of Visceral Adiposity (VA).VA is fat in the lower abdomen. This deposit of VA does interfere in the production of new cells and tissues. Also, VA interferes with the amount and patterns of cells. Due to which cells become turgid and finally leads to cancer. Scientists claim that cancer also produces due to glucose in drinks.


            Our heart supplies blood to the whole body through structures called arteries. These arteries are very flexible in nature. A glass of cold drink per day in middle age is enough to block these arteries. These drinks raise cholesterol levels in arteries due to which they become a block. In this condition, the heart will not supply blood to and will not get blood from the body and brain. Colas also increases high-density lipoprotein(HDL).HDL is also arteries blocking agents in the human body.


                Our pancreas breaks food into glucose. Glucose is used by body cells in the form of energy. Pancrease breaks food into glucose in with the help of insulin. A large amount of sugar has adverse effects on the pancreas. Sugary drinks have an 18% chance of diabetes.


             The liver is an organ of our body that detoxifies harmful substances from blood and body. The liver does almost 500 functions in the body. Cold drinks produce fatty tissues in the liver. When the liver tries to break these harmful drinks, the resulting chemical reaction can damage liver tissues. This damage leads to inflammation. When the liver tries to repair itself, the result is liver damage.


            Scientist's research says that the children who drinks 3 or 4 drinks per day become aggressive and their mood becomes violent. Also, drinks have adverse effects on children's teeth.

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