5 Best Business Ideas without any Investment

Generally, there are a wide diversified field of the service but we have compiled a selective list of most profitale business ideas without any investment that you can start now 

1. Affiliate Marketing

In now a days affiliate marketing is one of the popular method of promoting products/services of other compaines. On every sale which generated via your link you will get comission. Affiliate marketing is the most profitable and easiest business on the internet because you don't have to go outdoor for sales and their is no limit you can promote products at home without going any where through internet and earn heavey comission.

You can promote products/service through facebook,pinterest,instagram,post ads on google etc.

2.Start a Blog

You will find thousands of people generating a full time income by sharing their experience, providing opinions and information on different issues / topics through blogs. If you want to be sucessful in this profession,it is very important to choose a subject of your intrest and after that focused on reaching the target market choose a title and material that can collect people intrest towards your material.

topic can be Travel, Beauty, Food, Educational, Sports.


Youtube is one of the largest worldwide plateform and brilliant opportuinity for those who want to start their business for free. There are thousands of youtubers making money by upload videos for free on youtube but there are some tips a trick to understand to be sucessful on youtube.


Those who love teaching but don't want to teach in a school or collages or freadup with their salary, by this method you can earn heavy amount of income per month. There are many website where you can create and upload your courses, set up the price of your cource and for each sale generated you will earn money .

you can upload your couses on Udemy, Teachale, SkillShare.


You guys might be thinking how to start a business as a freelancer. So, here i tell you how. If you want to start an online shop or sell your services There are many worldwide website where you can actually create your online shop for free describe about your shop and services and start earning no investment needed. 

I hope this Article  will help you guys to choose a perfect profession for you.

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