4 survival stories you wont believe

Vesna vulovic

Vesna   was an air hostess. She remained alive even from falling 33,000ft height.In 26 January,1972 she was on her duty in an airline. The plane was passing from Czechoslovakia. a bomb busted in the luggage  Apartment of plane. That was a big bang. The plan torn into pieces. the pieces of plan and approximately 28 passengers from that plan fell on an ice  mountain.. when Rescue Team arrived there, they found all passengers dead except one human and she was an air hostess vesna vulovic. There was a dead body lying on vesna, but she was alive. Her legs were broken and head was fractured but she survived. Doctors said she lost her senses during her fall. That is why her heart didnt broken up. But that was a miracle.


Chilean copper mine incident 

Chilean  is a South American country E and world's biggest copper producer. There are too many copper mines in it. On 5 August,2010 something strange happened. 33 workers were working in one of the Copper mine. San Jose Copper Gold mine. These workers were approximately 2300 ft down the ground and they were 5 km far from the the entrance of that mine. Suddenly the mine collapsed . These 33 workers struck in the mine due to its collision. In order to save workers 3 drilling machines started to drill in the ground, on the other side these workers didn't give up they tried their best to escape. The temperature and humidity was on its peak. These workers stop in the mine for more than 2 months. They were rescued after 69 days.


Venseslao Mougel

Mougel was a citizen in  Mexico. He was a revolutionary and took part in in 1915's  revelation. Once he was caught by his enemy. He was sentenced to death without prosecuted. Firing squad was supposed  to kill him. Mougel got 9 Bullets in his body. And he got his last bullet in his cheeks.  he was kept with some other dead bodies. Blague  was alive but he was unconscious. When he got his senses he read in a nearby Church and got cured there and survived. 

Naqsha bibi

In 8th october 2005, earthquake came in Pakistan. The earthquake was biggest earthquake in the history of Asia. 87000 people lost their lives in this earthquake. During this happening woman struck in the debris  of her house  63 days. During the earthquake as she was in her kitchen there was a little amount of food around her. She used to drank rainfall water. After 63 days Rescue Team found her. She was 40 years old and became very weak.

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